Pagoda 169 - Temp sens

Outdoor temperature logger, radio transmission, calculating degree days

The PAGODA-169 device contains a temperature sensor that stores the average temperatures, lower, upper and instantaneous on a daily basis for 24 hours.
Through the radio WMBUS 169 you can read the device is in Walk-by / Drive-By mode and stationary mode network through a concentrator WMBUS data.
The sensor is integrated in a Pagoda that mitigates the effects of the weather and direct exposure to light to enable a reliable and accurate measurement.


  • accuracy 0,5 ° C certified in accredited laboratory 
  • wireless M-Bus radio protocol EN 13757-4: 2013 N1 / N2 (bidirectional) Mode, 6 channels
  • the connector RF power up to +27 dBm (500 mW), receiver sensitivity: (2.4 / 4.8) -119 / -115dBm
  • radio range: up to 2 km in free field
  • autonomy: up to 10 years,  based on the configured transmission frequency
  • tamper-proof control
  • programmable clock

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